another introduction

Hello my friends, I hope you’re all well.

Last time I posted on here trying to introduce myself but I forgot something very important.
The most important person in my life.
The reason I am who I am today:
my beautiful mother.

But wait… she doesn’t like “the internet” too much actually so I don’t think she’d want me to write about her on here to be honest (I probably will do anyways in the future but maybe not today).

Instead I want to introduce you to another very important part of my life. My adorable, playful, crazy, stubborn and occasionally a little smelly puppy!

Yep. I know… those eyes!

Tonight I was walking her (she’s an old lady by the way) and sometimes I find it so interesting to watch her behaviour and really take a look at her character.
I’m a sucker for psychology, yes, even animal psychology.

I think it’s so funny to see how she reacts to different things, especially as she is getting older. Unfortunately her vision is getting worse and so is her hearing but I feel like her other senses are even more heightened.
Because my dog can’t hear me properly anymore I almost always put her on the leash and I have to watch her carefully because she often tries to snack on gross things she finds in the fields and then she gets ill which isn’t nice for either of us.

Anyways, I have noticed that the more the tighter I hold the leash towards me the more she pulls and drags and the more I want her to behave the least she does what I want.

In the past I got mad and upset at the dog sometimes like a disappointed mother would be towards her child and I’ve tried and tried to get her to respect me but she just has her own stubborn little dog-head.

Eventually I gave up and stopped and waited patiently for her to come back to me and the more relaxed I became… so did my dog. The looser I held the leash, the less she pulled on it.

The more I put my attention towards her but still had enough trust in her that she wouldn’t run away the more she finally behaved.

Why am I telling you this now? Because I think it’s a great metaphor for life sometimes.
The more pressure we put on people or things or ourselves the harder things are going to get.
The more anxious and worried we are the less is going to work out well for us because with out negative emotions we only attract more negativity towards us, it’s like a self fulfilling prophecy….

So the next time when you catch yourself being a little too hard on yourself or a bit of a control freak just try and hold on for a minute and breathe.

Take a step back, relax and let go of the leash.

Have faith that whatever is meant to be yours will come to you in no time and whatever you no longer have in your life was never meant to be a part of it for longer.

Don’t chase happiness.
Work hard, stay positive and embrace change. Things will work out the way you wish them to if you just truly believe in them.

Choose happiness.

Eva xx

(PS: don’t forget you’re magic…)

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