If you’ve ever had to do something and found yourself spending the whole day and night doing absolutely everything EXCEPT what you were meant to do…. welcome, my friend. Take a seat.

The stuff I have been doing (or should I say HAVE NOT been doing) in my life these past few days is exactly the reason I am not succeeding yet.

And the devil is…

You guessed it.

“I can’t now, I’m too tired.”
“I can’t, I’m busy.”
“First I need to (…)”
“Whatever, I’ll do it later.”

Sound familiar?

Here’s how to beat procrastination:

First, imagine how good it feels to accomplish something ✔️

When you have to do something, think about the feeling of accomplishment, not the unpleasant feeling of doing the task itself.

This worked really well for me with working out, for example.

Instead of thinking about the pain and hardship (bit dramatic, I know 🙈😂) I chose to think about the amazing rush of endorphins after finishing my workout.

Then, use that feeling as your motivation.

And then: get shit done. Get it out of the way and be proud of yourself.

Reward yourself for it.

And don’t try and do it all at once, one by one. Baby steps.

Good luck.

Eva x

One thought on “procrastination

  1. john wick says:

    procrastination is the worst! “the war of art” by steven pressfield is a great book that puts things into perspective and helps you overcome


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