eating my way through London

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Food Diary #1

Day 1, Thursday. 

I decided to give Germany a little break and nip over to the UK for a weekend trip so last Thursday I arrived (already hungry, of course) at London Stansted Airport.

After an hour-long train journey I made it to the city and we went for dinner at Brasserie Blanc, a wonderful french restaurant near Liverpool St. station. I had the salmon starter (it really was just a small starter but absolutely delicious), some creamy mash and some red wine with it.

Tired from the day of traveling we headed back to our apartment in Ilford which isn’t the prettiest neighborhood but definitely a lot less pricy and there is loads of shopping around.

Day 2, Friday. 

I slept in since I barely slept the night before (the fact that I had coffee and alcohol for the first time in months and the full moon kept me awake until past 4 am) then we met some friends for dinner at Mildred’s Restaurant in Soho and OH MY GOD.


The food was so good. We ordered fresh pressed juice and wine, nachos and smashed avocado, thai coconut milk soup, buddha bowls, haloumi, a veggie burger and so on.

Highly, highly recommend. Unfortunately I couldn’t take any pictures because we were sitting in quite a dark area and we dug into it in no time.

For dessert we had some raw, sugar-free balls. So hip, right?

tip: I know it’s obvious (wasn’t to us apparently) but you should always reserve a table for Friday night dinner haha. We waited outside for over an hour.

We made our way over to Camden town where we went to Proud Camden, a quirky bar/lounge/club which was surprisingly empty for a Friday night yet we still had a good night. (Side note: Don’t order wine in a club where they only use plastic cups unless you’re really really drunk and don’t notice the difference!)

Also: next time you’re looking to rent out a stable for you and some friends, check this place out!

Day 3, Saturday. 

…I was very hung over.

I think I live too healthy most days and my body has gotten so crazy sensitive to alcohol, coffee and everything unhealthy pretty much since I have changed some diet and lifestyle habits which is a good thing but it’s no good when you suddenly do everything at once again.

So I (had to) spend the day in and resting and then did some food shopping at Tesco’s and our local health food store.

When I got back I made myself some much-needed vegan dinner which was spicy bean quinoa with kale and steamed veggies.

(I don’t know why but I like all the UK products and produce so much better than what we have in Germany and I feel like the health and vegan food section has a lot more variety than we do! Has anyone else noticed that?!)


Day 4, Sunday. 


On Sunday we took the train to Westcliff near Southend-on-Sea, which is about an hour and 1/2 long ride from the city center. It’s the perfect place when you need a little break from the city life, want to enjoy a fresher breeze of air and have a walk along the beachfront.

We ate at The Mermaid by the water; there’s plenty of restaurants right next to each other to choose from and you get a nice ocean view.

There is also a quite expensive amusement park nearby and I took the opportunity to go on a what felt like 5 second long rollercoaster ride screaming louder than the kids. Oh well.


Afterwards, we went to a pub (duh) and further down the parade until we made our way to a stunning viewpoint and ended the day with dinner and one too many drinks at a Whetherspoon pub (The Last Post). Who would’ve thought they do a vegan curry?!

tip: If you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option to eat and drink out, Whetherspoon is always a good choice.


We had a beautiful day by the ocean and I also got to catch up with some friends I met traveling. The only thing that would have made it perfect would have been a bit more sun, but hey, we’re still in England and the sunset was stunning regardless.

Day 5, Monday.

My last full day in London and probably my favorite even though I spent most of it packing (it always takes me super long, no matter how often I do it).

We went for dinner at Granger&Co which is a lovely Australian restaurant chain. If you know me you know how I freak out about all things Aussie so after hearing Romee Strijd talk about it I had to give it a go.

If it’s Victoria’s Secret Angel approved AND Aussie, it has to be good.


And it was. From avocado toast to fresh juices and smoothies to cold drip coffee and delicious healthy meals – Granger has it all. The place is a bit on the pricier side but I guess it’s London so it’s not too bad. Just don’t be like me and order nearly 20€ worth of juice and smoothies but hey, I loved every sip of it.

Side note: Healthy eating doesn’t have to be expensive but it certainly can be and thinking about it now getting that 300€ juicer is probably cheaper long-term than buying a juice every time I’m out. Roll on Christmas!

Now onto my second favorite thing in the world besides food: theatre.


Luckily, we managed to get last-minute tickets to see Natalie Dormer(who plays Queen Margeary in Game Of Thrones) and David Oakes in Venus in Fur at the beautiful Theatre Royale Haymarket.

Me and my friend felt the temperature in the room rising during the performance which might have been the wine or the absolutely brilliant, sexy and thrilling performance of Natalie on the stage in front of us.


I love her in Game Of Thrones but seeing her in flesh and blood only a couple of meters away from me was a HUGE fangirl moment for me.

Theatre plays are so raw and full of emotion, I had tears of joy in my eyes when the curtain fell and my legs were shaky from excitement as we left the venue. What a great night.

If you’re in London any time soon, go get yourself a ticket to see this NOW, you won’t regret it! (Tickets here.)

After strolling through the West-End for over an hour taking in all the lights, theatre venues and advertisements we got a late night pret-a-manger and called it a day.

A good day.

Day 6, Tuesday.  

More packing, rushing to get the bus, train and then plane and another train to make it home.

I had some more pret, a juice, a coconut milk pumpkin spice latte, lentil chips, 2 bananas, grapes and more snacks haha. I get especially hungry when traveling which sucks because airport food is hella expensive.

Soo, that was it for this little London food diary, I had a really good time, the only ‘mistake’ I made was to stay up too late and not make it out of bed early enough to go exploring properly.

I have seen most touristy spots already last year but there’s just soooo much more to see in this vast and diverse city.

Who knows, I might be back there in no time.

If you have any recommendations for places to eat or things to do in London, feel free to share them below.

As always, for questions and feedback please message me.

Good night or good day, wherever you are,



Eva x



disclaimer: This post is not sponsored, all opinions are honest and my own.

For breakfast/brunch I always had either overnight oats with fruits and nuts, avocado toast or eggs and veggies, just so you know the stuff mentioned above isn’t ALL I eat haha. I eat loads more usually.

I always get asked how I maintain to look quite healthy and lean while eating so much food and I think the simple answer to that is I enjoy eating healthy, whole foods.

I rarely every have fast food but when I do I don’t beat myself up about it. I have a good relationship to food and I actually allow myself to give in to cravings which keeps me from bingeing. The more you restrict, the more you binge.

My diet is about 90-95% plant-based which has improved my overall health and wellbeing but I do allow myself to have some eggs or fish every once in a while, especially when traveling. Balance is key, my friends.

I hope you got some inspiration and I will have more content coming your way in no time 🙂


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