you know what, I’m okay with that

Ever since I’ve had this strong believe in the fact that everything happens for a reason I’ve just been ‘okay’ with so many things.



When I get a cold – for example – I think, well, there must be a reason for this.

And then I ask myself what the reason may be and I usually figure it out right away.

So to take the example of getting ill or feeling exhausted, that usually occurs when I’ve gone too far and I’ve put myself under too much stress or if I ate or drank something really unhealthy.

And when I find whatever reason; I don’t get mad about it.

Instead I try to be grateful and think ‘Thank you (universe/god/whatever) for showing me where I went wrong and leading me back onto the right path.

I do this with literally EVERYTHING right now. Everything.

I never get mad or annoyed about anything I can’t control really because I just think ‘Okay, this is the way it’s supposed to be; no point in me being negative about so I’m just gonna accept it and move on.’

Tonight, for instance, I was gonna go to the gym. Earlier today I ran some errands, went back home for lunch, then got my hair done, ran more errands and then headed for the gym – turns out they close at 7pm on Fridays. So I couldn’t train and the funny thing about it is that I signed up for a webinar masterclass tonight (which I was totally gonna ditch because I wanted to workout) and since the gym was closed I did make it to the class and it was super helpful and life changing! Seriously. (side note: It was a masterclass by Marina de Giovanni, view her blog here.)

So instead of beating myself up for the fact that I should have known the gym closed so early I just accepted it and drove back.

And, it all fell into place perfectly. I even made it on time for dinner with my family.

So the moral of the story is:

Don’t stress out about things you can’t change, reverse or control. 


Believe there is a reason for everything, even if you might not be able to see it right now, accept the circumstances and move on.

After a few times this change of perspective will give you so much peace in life and half as much to worry about.

Good luck,

Eva x

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